Sunday, October 18, 2015

Concerning Feedspot -- Mea Culpa

A couple of months ago, I started looking for a new RSS feed reader to replace the one I was using (it had become slow and clunky). I joined and previewed a number of apps, eventually settling on Digg Reader.

One of the readers I tried out during that time was Feedspot. And apparently when I signed up for the account, I mistakenly checked the box that allowed Feedspot to "invite all my contacts." So a whole bunch of people started getting email messages to the effect that "Thomas Knapp would like to connect on Feedspot."

Strike one against me -- I apologize to anyone I haven't already apologized to for THAT.

But this morning I have received several iterations (at other email addresses I use) of a second, third or fourth message from Feedspot, "Thomas Knapp's invitation is awaiting your response." And so have others, a few of whom I've heard from.

Once again I apologize, but I blame Feedspot more than myself for the continuing spamminess. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn that "keep inviting" crap off, or even to just plain close my account with Feedspot, which I do not use, do not recommend, and do not have any desire to "connect" with any of y'all on.

Personally, I suggest adding the address (and all addresses to your spam filters. I apologize, once again, for the inconvenience.

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