Sunday, October 04, 2015

Quote of the Week, a day late

From Kevin Carson, taking apart a critic of "left-libertarianism" (better known as "libertarianism") over at the Center for a Stateless Society:

I state, without qualification, that anyone who advocates "intellectual property" in any way, shape or form is to that extent, not only not a libertarian, but an enemy of human freedom.

Technically, the quote was from last week (Friday -- today is the start of a new week). I'd seen it in draft and knew it was something worth sharing, but didn't noticed that it had been published until just now.

And before you start whining that you are a libertarian even though you're still caught up in the statist superstition of "intellectual property," read it carefully and note the "to that extent." If you're a libertarian who supports "intellectual property," you're a libertarian in error on the issue and you need to apply the non-aggression principle to it.

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