Thursday, September 17, 2015

Regarding the "Pastor"

Every so often for the last couple of decades, a self-designated "Christian Identity pastor" runs out of things to do, tracks me down wherever I publish, and cuts and pastes some invective from his stale files  of anti-libertarian, anti-Jewish, and anti-other-things rhetoric. He likes to call me "Judas" (because once I discovered his true beliefs, which he had taken some pains to hide while infiltrating the Missouri Libertarian Party, I opted to disassociate from him rather than become one of his disciples) and has even designated me an honorary "Khazar" (in accordance with his beliefs about racial and ethnic histories).

He stopped trying to engage me for many years after he was (falsely, in my opinion) arrested for child molestation and (illegally and immorally, in my opinion) held in the loony bin for a couple of years for being somewhat eccentric in his non-cooperation with the prosecution (IIRC, the charges were later dismissed when the alleged victim refused to testify and plausibly claimed to have been coerced into making the accusation by police and "social workers").

He started in again a couple of days ago here at KN@PPSTER and over at Rational Review News Digest.

I seldom ban commenters at either site, but I've banned the "pastor." Over the years I've discovered that the small benefits of outing him as a liar, idiot and reprobate in public aren't worth the large costs in time and effort of doing so. But if anyone has any questions regarding him or our mutual history, feel free to ask.

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