Thursday, September 03, 2015

A Couple of Videos I Recommend

Video #1

I'm going to embed the actual video here, but I'm also going to link it in its embedded context at, because I think everyone should visit and join (I don't think you have to join to see the video). So anyway, Lucy Steigerwald hosts a discussion/debate between Sheldon Richman and Walter Block on left-libertarianism:

Video #2

This time it's Roderick Long and, again, Walter Block. This time instead of left-libertarianism, it's thick libertarianism vs. thin libertarianism. Brought to you by DanielTheSexiest and The Political Cure.

Lots of good stuff. I, as you may recall, am an ultra-thin, paleo-left, brutalist-but-trying-to-be-more-humanitarian libertarian.

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