Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Coffee Sweetener Recommendation Bleg

We drink coffee. Oh, yes, we drink coffee.

Tamara prefers something fairly mild -- when it's on sale she buys Maxwell House French Roast or South Pacific Blend. Each night I set our coffeemaker up to turn itself on and  brew six cups at 6am the following morning. That's six cups according to the pot. We drink fairly large cups, so it's really three cups. I have one as soon as I get up, Tamara has one as soon as she gets up shortly after I do, and I drink the remaining cup after she leaves for work.

Later in the day, either once or twice, I brew up four shots of Cafe Bustelo espresso. I'm on my third el cheapo espresso machine in ten years or so. I pick them up for five bucks at garage sales. The current one is a Krups; it works nicely and I suspect it may last a long time.

So anyway, according to conventional measurements, I drink four cups of regular joe and four to eight shots of espresso each day. Wikipedia suggests this may not necessarily be a bad thing, although I've started trying to remember not to brew it up and drink it after 6pm or so. It used to not keep me up; now it does.


We both take our coffee with lotsa fru-fru creamer and a little sugar. Or, rather, we used to. Once the diabetes showed up, I switched to stevia for sweetening, and Tamara has now followed suit.

Unfortunately, we haven't found a sugar-free creamer that doesn't taste awful.

So I'm coming to you, dear readers, for sugar-free creamer recommendations. I bet there's something out there that actually works.

And, while you're at it, I'd love to hear about your coffee preferences if you have any. I adore my Cafe Bustelo (it's a Cuban blend, and even the instant version tastes better, to me, than most American coffees), but I'm always interested in trying new things.

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