Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well, That's Kind of Embarrassing

I've been a huge fan of Dropbox for a long time -- using the service, referring people to the service, evangelizing for the service (a Google search for "Dropbox" at KN@PPSTER returns nearly 200 results).

So yeah, I'm kind of surprised to find myself going through my Dropbox files this morning, copying the essentials to Google Drive and deleting the rest.

WTF, Dropbox?

My objection to the appointment of former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Dropbox's board isn't "privacy-based." She's not in government at the moment. The state surveillance machine rolls on with or without her, presumably without needing her on corporate boards to grease the rails. Either NSA can look at my data or it can't (it probably can).

My objections have to do with competence and integrity. Her performance as National Security Advisor and US Secretary of State demonstrates that she's about as competent as Kathleen Sebelius and about as honest as Bernie Madoff.

Yes, I know she's just one board member ... but her appointment calls the competence of the entire Dropbox operation into question.

Unlike some Dropbox users, I'm not "protesting" or "threatening" to drop Dropbox. I'm outta there. It's a done deal.

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