Friday, April 04, 2014

Cue the World's Smallest Violin

Brendan Eich opposes marriages and families -- or at least some marriages and some families. So much so that Brendan Eich gave $1,000 to a political campaign to make it illegal to engage in a kind of marriage, or have a kind of family, that Brendan Eich doesn't like.

So when Brendan Eich became CEO of Mozilla, some people who support marriages and families of that sort made their dislike of Eich's actions known and encouraged those who agree to not use Mozilla's products (especially its flagship web browser, Firefox) so long as he remained CEO.

Eich remained CEO of Mozilla for nine days before leaving.

And now some of the same people who spent a good deal of time and ink wailing about how bakers, florists and photographers shouldn't be forced to bake cakes, arrange flowers or take photographs for people having the type of wedding we're talking about because of "religious beliefs" are wailing about Eich's "freedom of speech."

I say some, because I was quite clear in my support of non-enslavement of bakers, florists and photographers. They shouldn't have to do business with people whose activities they don't approve of -- for "religious" reasons or any other reasons -- and they should be completely free to make it clear why they won't do business with those people.

Just like those people shouldn't have to do business with those bakers, florists and photographers -- or with Brendan Eich -- and should be completely free to make it clear why they won't.

Which is exactly what happened.

Double standard much?

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