Wednesday, April 23, 2014

J'ACCUSE! Bloomberg's Indoor Smoking Ban Claims the Life of Prince Charles's Brother-in-Law

Of course you won't see it reported that way straight, but there's just no getting around it:

The Duchess of Cornwall was "utterly devastated" last night by the death of her brother after he smashed his head on a pavement in New York. ... Mr Shand had been at an after-show party for a charity fund-raising event that was also attended by Princess Eugenie, who is working in New York. ... A source said: "He had just stepped outside and lit a cigarette when he slipped and smashed his head. The ambulance was there quickly but there was little they could do."

If not for the indoor smoking ban, he would have been at his table with an ashtray instead of outside stumbling to his death.

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