Saturday, October 12, 2013

Semi-Live-Vlogging-Thingie ...

I'm at the Students for Liberty regional conference in Gainesville, Florida this morning.  Didn't even know it was happening until yesterday when I learned that Charles Johnson, aka Rad Geek, would be speaking and running a left-market-anarchist book table. So I came out to help with the table and maybe do some video blogging, like this:

That's the first video. It may be the last -- don't know yet. Too loud in here for me to know how it came out just yet.

Update: OK, I see the first 20 seconds or so of the video got cut off -- probably my fault for not watching a timer, etc. Anyway, more later. Maybe.

Update, 10:30ish am: Currently speaking is keynoter  Justin Pearson, Florida director of the Institute for Justice, giving a fascinating presentation on what IJ does to protect entrepreneurs against overbearing government.

Update, 11:30ish am: Yeah, the video thing just isn't going to happen. I'm not in a good position to video the presentations, and on breaks it's just too loud to really have a talk or whatever. But it's great fun. I'm listening to a student panel on group-building right now ... and about noon I have to leave to see a man about a horse a family about a dog. So this will probably be the final update. If you can make it down to the UF campus this afternoon, Charles will be giving a talk and continuing to run the ALL Distro table. Have a great weekend!

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