Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A New Project, in Beta

I'm a big fan of negative social preferencing as a way to penalize force initiators -- especially, but not exclusively, bad actors who perceive themselves as enjoying a high degree of immunity/impunity because they work for the world's larger and more powerful criminal gangs, aka "governments."

When it comes to negative social preferencing, the more the merrier: It should be crowd-sourced. If I refuse to have anything to do with you, no biggie. But if you can't get a sandwich at your favorite deli, receive communion at your church of choice, etc. because everyone thinks you're an asshole and doesn't want to have anything to do with you, you've got a real incentive to stop initiating force against others, apologize for initiating force against others, and make restitution to those you've harmed.

And of course a pre-condition of effective negative social preferencing is "doxing" -- amassing/aggregating publicly available information on evildoers such that their social weak spots are identifiable. If our target lives in Tacoma, Washington and doesn't travel much, being banned from a nightclub in Santa Fe, New Mexico probably won't make a big difference to hir quality of life; if, on the other hand, our target is an observant Muslim and suddenly can't find any place to sell hir halal food, that smarts. In addition to shunning bad people, it's important to help identify those bad people and their weak spots.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... Dox & Shun, beta version.

I've begun identifying the first group of targets -- the Silk Road perps -- there.

If it strikes you as a worthy project, well, start doxing (legally, please!).

If the project takes off, I'll start looking at moving it off of free Wordpress hosting and onto a better framework on an offshore host.

If not, well, it won't be my first failed project.

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