Monday, October 28, 2013

Patent Improvement Suggestion

Dear Google,

I hear rumors that you're finally implementing your patent on "floating data centers." That sounds really cool, for a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, one of those reasons may not be that plausible. As the Adam Smith Institute's Tim Worstall points out in the Chicago Tribune, barges in ports don't really get your stuff out of range of the NSA and other bad actors.

The obvious solution is to buy real seagoing ships, instead of barges, for your floating data centers. But I'd like to suggest a better way of going about it:

Stick with the barges. They're waaaaaaay cheaper.

But do buy one ship, or maybe a few. I'm thinking Typhoon or Delta class Russian ballistic missile submarines ... and this part is very important, so pay attention ... with the ballistic missiles. I bet you could pick up a couple fairly cheap (as such things go).

Once you've got those afloat, let the folks in Washington, DC know that unless they want a bunch of shiny new radioactive craters in their town, they should keep their greasy little paws off your data centers.

That's my patent improvement suggestion. No charge.

Best regards,
Tom Knapp

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