Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here We Go Again

A new study says that paying organ donors would save money (and presumably result in more patients getting transplants) instead of dying on the waiting list) versus the existing system.

And here come the alleged moralists and the people who support them ...

"Sometimes these things have unintended consequences," said Dr. Stephen Pastan, a board member for the National Kidney Foundation and a transplant surgeon at Emory University in Atlanta. "If we paid $10,000, a lot of altruistic donors would say that it’s just a cash transaction. Donations could go down."

I wonder if Dr. Stephen Pastan gets paid to perform transplants. Somehow I suspect he does. And I doubt he does fewer transplants because he gets paid for doing transplants.

The surgeons get paid. The nurses get paid. The anesthetists get paid. The "medical ethicists" get paid. The janitors get paid.

Everyone except the organ donor gets paid.

And they wonder why there are shortages of organs.


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