Friday, May 24, 2013

The Chrome Extension I'd Like to See

It would really only save me a minute or two a day, but it would just be more ... elegant. Here's the situation:

Every day, as part of my work routine, I create some text files (in SourceKit); these files are automatically saved to my Dropbox.

I then upload them to a server, but I can't do that directly -- I have to download them from Dropbox to my physical drive first, then FTP them.

I'd like to skip that step. It's really only a minute or two a day, five days a week, but it just bugs me. It's inefficient. It's one of the few "differences of working in the cloud" that I just can't get used to.

What I need is either a Dropbox client for Chrome OS -- I'm somewhat scandalized that there's not one yet -- or an app that lets me treat my online Dropbox like a local drive for FTP purposes.

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