Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Took Seven Months

But I finally had my first major "working in the cloud" problem: Dropbox is Down.

The only reason that it's a major problem is that there's no "native" Dropbox app for ChromeOS yet. If there was, then my files would be automagically stored locally, in their most recently updated versions, and the only thing I'd be missing due to this outage would be automatic updating across machines of their latest versions when I finished working with them for the day.

Since there's no native app, my files are stored on Dropbox and Dropbox alone unless I take additional steps on my own. I load them from Dropbox. I save them back to  Dropbox when they've been edited.

As it happens I do make local copies of some key files on a day-to-day basis because, as mentioned in a previous post, I have to do so in order to FTP them to a server. But for various reasons relating to how my cloud apps work, it's a huge pain in the ass to actually do my editing work with the local copies.

So: Petition Time.

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