Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Saw The Light

And it only cost me $4.99 (h/t Claire Wolfe).

I've indicated an interest in solar power on this blog several times, although not in such an interesting way that it's worth looking up those posts and linking them.

One of the problems with books about solar power is that they tend to be over-priced, and sold in a way that presages many up-sells and add-ons before you get to the good stuff.

A Solar Electric System On the Cheap, On the Fly, and Off the Grid is not overpriced. It's just $4.99.

Joel, the author, doesn't use the book to try to sell you a bunch of other crap, nor does he make you sit through 30 minutes of video raves about how great the book is for the privilege of buying the damn book (like one $59 joker did -- I didn't buy).

A Solar Electric System On the Cheap, On the Fly, and Off the Grid is also not the Bible of solar energy. But it doesn't have to be. It explains, in plain English, exactly what is involved in building a basic solar electric system. And it just so happens that that's precisely the information I've been looking for, and that people have been claiming they want to sell me for ten times as much money, but only if I'll sit through some kind of multi-level marketing schtick first.

If this is the kind of info you are looking for, I recommend it. You can get it here.

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