Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Those were the days

Heh. I'm hopefully mostly through an odyssey (courtesy of the nine-year-old's obsolete OS obsession) that involvesd getting the hard drive out of an old, completely fried laptop and putting it in another old, only partially fried laptop so that the latter can be turned into a Windoze 98 box.

I'm not sure exactly why this has to happen except that he was horribly unhappy with some aspect of 98's performance in VirtualBox (which he had downloaded, installed, configured and mounted 98 on all by himself on his Vista machine).

Anyway, I just got the message during setup a few minutes ago, something to the effect of "this hard disk is larger than 512Mb. Do you want to configure Large Disk yada yada yada?"

I remember the days when I wondered "who could ever need a whole gigabyte of hard drive space?" Now I see that terabyte drives are going for about the same price -- not even accounting for inflation! -- as the cassette tape drive for my Commodore VIC 20 cost back in 1983 or so.

I feel old.

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