Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advertising Change

I'm getting rid of those full-page ads that take you away from KN@PPSTER.

They do bring in a little money, but not that much.

The plain vanilla "they're annoying" complaints don't cut a lot of ice with me (none of them have been accompanied by "I'll buy a static ad if you ditch them, so you can still make a few bucks" offers), but the "locked up my browser" and "couldn't see the 'skip this ad' button to get back to the blog" complaints do.

Also, I've noticed that they seem to run more often than my settings say they should (any given reader should get one of those full-page thingies no more than once in any six-hour period). Often enough, in fact, to annoy me.

I'm keeping the sidebar ads, and adding those "roll over certain text, a little ad pops up" things. I see them on a lot of reasonably popular blogs, so I'm guessing they don't bother people that much (they drive me bugfuck, but oh well).

I've already replaced the code; there may be a lag between that and things actually changing.

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