Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogging goals and baby steps

Last week, I decided to get back to blogging here at KN@PPSTER regularly, with an eye toward turning it into a money-making proposition. Not necessarily a "get rich" proposition, but at least renumerative enough to keep myself hooked on it instead of moving back and forth between "blogging a lot" and "I wonder what's on the Discovery Channel?"

The Reign of the Terrible Ads has returned. Yes, I know the "interstitial" ads where you get taken to another screen and have to click to get back can be annoying, but it needed to be done. I recently corresponded with another blogger whose revenues from AdBrite were substantially higher than mine in a way not explained by the difference in traffic numbers, and I want a piece of that action. They're set to only do that to any given user a maximum of once per six hours.

My politics aren't going to change, of course, and I'll continue to offer boooooooorrrrrringggg trenchant commentary on the issues of the day and the occasional boooooooorrrrrringggg enlightening theoretical piece. However, you'll also see more of the stuff I've been doing the last few days (like this), when I decide something like that is interesting. Why? Simple -- it gets eyeballs here, those eyeballs see ads, and I make money.

Ditto for the occasional and seemingly gratuitous use of phrases like "donkey sex" and "Britney Spears sex tape." Eyeballs and ads, folks, eyeballs and ads -- and I'm going to follow scripture on the eyeballs end of the process.

Short-term goals:

- As of today, KN@PPSTER is averaging about 300 visitors per day (up from less than 200 at the beginning of last week, and down from about 1000 during its last Golden Age). By the end of July, I want to be at 1,400+ visitors per day (10,000 per week). If you've got friends you don't mind pitching stuff at, please send them the URL.

- As of today, KN@PPSTER's Technorati "authority" is 52, down from a height of nearly 200 during the aforementioned Golden Age. By the end of July, I want to see it back at 200. If you have a blog and don't link here, pretty please with sugar on top do so. And if I'm not linking to you, let me know in comments or via email and I'll hook you right up.

Long-term goals: Donkey sex! Britney Spears sex tape! World domination!

Update: Maybe I should have gone with "John Edwards sex tape." Or, rather, I guess I just did. But ... ewwwwwwwww.

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