Sunday, March 09, 2008


A few months ago, I noted that the Boston Tea Party was essentially moribund/inactive, and accepted the offer of Jim Davidson to serve as replacement chair and try to get things going again.

In my opinion, that attempt has failed -- I couldn't even get a majority of the national committee to rouse themselves and vote yea or nay on a motion to schedule the organization's 2008 national convention as required by the bylaws.

Accordingly, I have resigned from the BTP's national committee. Three days without even an acknowledgment from any other member of that committee or any news that anyone's interested in reviving the organization, confirm to me that the Boston Tea Party has assumed room temperature. With no organization to exercise rightful claim to it under the bylaws, I deem the domain name to have to reverted to my control, and have put it up for sale at auction.

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