Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Re-launch: Libertarian Ad Network

You may have noticed some hijinks over in the right sidebar the last few weeks: Blogads has been in the process of rolling out their new "3.0" setup, and there was some overlap that required me to run two strips so as not to give anyone the shaft.

Now that things are settling down, I'm also re-launching the Libertarian Ad Network ... and just like the new Blogads, it's going to be better than before.

What's changing:

- In order to belong to the new iteration of LAN, you're going to have to upgrade your setup to Blogads 3.0. Of course, you're going to have to do so anyway, since the previous version is going bye-bye.

If you haven't been paying attention and still have an old-style ad strip on your blog, get thee to the new login page (your old login info works there) and set up your new strips.

Of course, if you aren't affiliated with Blogads at all yet, you need to be. This requires sponsorship. I used to be a sponsor, but so far I can't tell whether that just hasn't carried over to the new version, or whether I'm not looking in the right place. I'll follow up on that -- in the meantime, if you're just too hot and bothered to wait, see here for how to get started -- Blogads may be able to hook you up before I can.

Either way, I can't add you to the network until a) you're running Blogads 3.0, and b) your site has received 3,000 views (with an ad strip in place) so that it shows up on the network's virtual "radar screen."

- No more automatically adding blogs to the network. If you want to belong, you have to say so. You can do that by emailing me -- please put "Libertarian Ad Network" in the subject line ... if you don't hear from me first.

- Network members must link to the network. If can be a text link, or this pretty version here (graphic by Stephen VanDyke) ...

... but ya gotta link. No gravy-training.

So, what's in it for you?

If you run a small blog, you have a good chance of picking up ads from the guys looking to advertise to a specific demographic (libertarian blog readers). Ad buys will "trickle down" to you from the big dogs -- someone who can afford to plunk down a few hundred dollars for an ad on a large site will likely see the value in multi-venue placement and throw the $10 or $20 that you charge on the counter, too.

If you run a big blog, you'll likely attract some "trickle up" from the smaller blogs. The advertiser who's placing a $10 ad here and a $20 ad there will see -- it will be right in front of him or her -- that your more expensive ad offers a very attractive cost per ad impression.

If you're an advertiser looking for customers in the libertarian niche, the Libertarian Ad Network makes it easy for you: A boatload of libertarian blogs under one virtual "roof." You can advertise on one blog, or a bunch of 'em. Upload your ad once instead of 20 times (although you can track them separately for response evaluation, and even designate a different click-thru URL for each blog if you like). Oh, and you punch in your credit card number or PayPal information and hit the payment button once, too. If you were planning to advertise on 10 blogs, make it 11 -- the time savings alone will cover the difference.

Of course, I've effectively "zeroed out" the old network list, so it may be a few days before there are 11 blogs for you to advertise on ... but they're coming.

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