Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In praise of Blogads 3.0

OK, now that I've announced Libertarian Ad Network's re-launch, I might as well follow up with the other piece of the picture: The new Blogads system ("Blogads 3.0") rocks.

It may look the same right now, sitting over there in the sidebar, but it isn't. Instead of "one size fits all," I can now sell four different kinds of ads:

Standard -- The same ad format you're used to: Title, a graphic of up to 16K in file size and up to 150(w)x200(h) pixels, and 300 characters of text.

Hi-Rise -- Title, graphic of up to 35Kb in file size, and up to 600 pixels tall (max width is still 150), plus 300 text characters.

Mini -- Title and a small graphic: 5K max file size and 100 pixels high (and, you guessed it, 150 wide). 100 text characters.

Classie -- Title, no graphic -- but up to 500 characters of text. I assume that "Classie" is short for "classified ad."

One-week advertisers won't notice much difference here at Kn@ppster unless you buy a "Hi-Rise," which is a little more expensive. I've priced the "Standard," "Mini" and "Classie" versions the same for one week (because it's the Blogads minimum, $10). But for longer-length buys, the price on "Minis" and "Classies" goes way down -- a three-month "Mini" or "Classie" costs half as much as a three-month "Standard," and you can get a month of either of these "smaller" ad types for the same price as a two-week "Standard."

Get 'em while the gettin's good. Once I get discovered by the MSM and have to hire someone to blog for me while I hobnob and carouse with the jet set, the rates will go up. The savings on the new categories are pretty nice over at RRND, too.

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