Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nobody ever tells me anything ...

OK, well, I guess they do. But in this case I had to be listening carefully (surfing the Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left, of course -- thanks to Brad Spangler and Wally Conger): A new print edition of SEK3's New Libertarian Manifesto is now available from Victor Koman's KoPubCo.

The NLM is available around the web in various typo-riddled versions. This one is (allegedly) properly proofread, and appended critiques from Murray N. Rothbard, Robert LeFevre, and Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss bring it to 148 pages. Take that, neolib revisionists!

Sigh ... there's another $12.95 I can't afford not to come up with. I'm ecstatic to see this classic back in print and the Movement of the Libertarian Left resurgent (I guess the neocon quacking wasn't BS after all -- freedom really is on the march!).

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