Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Fights #1

Various blogs have "open threads," "free-for-all Fridays" and such. I've been thinking in that vein myself, and have decided to give it a shot.

Each Friday, I'll offer a proposition for debate. It may be a proposition that I support, oppose or have no firm opinion on. It may be one that's been floating around in explicit or implicit form, or one that just came to me out of the blue. Your job, gentle reader, is to argue for or against it with other readers (and maybe me) in the comment thread, until you don't feel like arguing any more. There's no goal of "resolution" here -- if nobody's mind is changed, that's fine. It's just for fun, or some semblance thereof.

Ready? Here's the first Friday Fights proposition:

Resolved, that if the Bush administration continues to move the US toward military conflict with Iran, the armed forces of the United States should remove the current regime, suppress the regime's party, and exercise direct rule by the Joint Chiefs of Staff until free and fair elections can be held, with a view toward restoring constitutional government. After all, what's good enough for Iraq is good enough for us.

Have at it.

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