Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Look 2008: Some asides

[Note: This is one in a series of articles about likely or prospective 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidates]

In the mode of wrapping up a few loose ends before there are so many of them that they become unmanageable, and of throwing out a few teasers:

- Karen Kwiatkowski is still not a declared candidate for the LP's 2008 presidential nomination. A few days ago, George Phillies announced -- and included in his announcement a statement that Kwiatkowski had consented to be his running mate. On reconsideration, however, Kwiatkowski has decided not to hitch her wagon to any particular presidential star. She is expressing interest in the vice-presidential nomination, period. That decision doesn't appear to be by way of any kind of "breakup" with Phillies -- it looks like an amicable "keep the options open" move.

- Speaking of Phillies, I'll have a "First Look" piece out on him soon. If you're in no mood to wait, feel free to check out his campaign web site and/or the announcement (w/coverage and comment) at Austin Cassidy's Third Party Watch or The Next Prez.

- Michael Badnarik's focus continues to remain (as it should for the nonce) on his congressional race in Texas's 10th US House District. As the prior presidential nominee, of course, he has a slightly higher profile as a possible future nominee -- Brian Doherty at Reason's Hit & Run linked to my piece, as did Steve Gordon at Hammer of Truth, so here's their reciprocal link love. The coolest thing about the linkage is re-discovering Doherty's blast from the not-too-distant past about the 2004 nomination.

- Prediction: The 2008 nomination campaign is going to heat up more quickly than 2004's did. I have reliable -- but, in detail, confidential for the moment -- information that another prospective candidate is mulling the possibilities and may reach a decision soon: Not a former congresscritter, etc., but a candidate with a modicum of national political name recognition, some significant successes in the political arena, and a solid base of admiration and likely support in the LP itself. Not a lock by any means, but this candidate would be an instant contender if he or she announced.

- The LP's 2006 convention in Portland is shaping up as a possible bloodbath -- see Tim West's latest at Liberty For Sale, with attention to the comments, for the latest. However this turns out, it's likely to have a big impact on the 2008 presidential choice. There's going to be polarization any way you cut it, and that polarization will manifest itself in 2008: Some players/factions may just give up on the party, while others may go all-out to mobilize their forces. Even though those factional action possibilities are not about the 2008 presidential nomination yet, they're certain to affect it.

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