Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, so far it looks like it was a fine little local election night here in Missouri.

Long-time Libertarian Party activist -- and chair of the Missouri Democratic Freedom Caucus -- Mike Bozarth unseated the incumbent to be elected to St. Joseph's city council. Congratulations, Mike, and MO-DFC!

Unless there are some uncounted ballots out there (and I don't think there are -- the results are unofficial but the St. Louis County elections site says 100% are counted), I won my second little mini-campaign to keep the office of Greendale City Marshal elected rather than appointed by a vote of 84-71.

I won't say it was a "hard-fought" battle. All I did was conduct a 325-house literature drop, make a reasonably good sign for the polling place, and spend some time at the polling place (not as much as I wanted to or should have). The mayor hit back on the evening before the election, circulating a flier of her own which essentially called me a liar. Fortunately, it was full-page, verbose and printed on pastel green paper that looked like the "official city government" communications stock, virtually guaranteeing that it wouldn't be read. Mine was half-page, used some big-font admonitions and was on bright yellow stock, which probably got it a little more reader eye time. That, and I think that most of the voters realize in their guts that they'd rather elect someone than let the city government appoint someone.

Uncomfortably close margin of victory, though. If seven votes had gone the other way, I'd have lost. I think that's close enough to believe that my little jihad made the difference.

Now, back to regular programming until the November campaigns heat up.

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