Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BlogProps: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

This is a must-read from Kevin Carson ... a proposal for a "Strategic Green-Libertarian Alliance" -- or, as he appropriately describes it a "Contract With America" on some topics that Libertarians and Greens (and libertarian Democrats) should be able to agree on.

I'm not sure what can be done with it at this point. Here in Missouri, I suspect it would require the approval of the LP's state committee (which meets once a year) to become official party policy; I don't think the executive committee has the authority to adopt it. I don't rate its prospects before a national LP convention too highly, either. But it would certainly be nice to see LP and Green candidates endorsing it and incorporating it into their campaign platforms and programs, even if modified to reflect short-term deliverables (i.e. a candidate can't promise with a straight face that he or she would "fund federal highways and airports entirely with tolls and other user-fees, with absolutely no subsidies from general revenues, and no use of eminent domain," because no single public official has the power to effect such a result; however, he or she could pledge to vote against general revenue subsidies/eminent domain actions for highways and introduce, sponsor and support toll/user fee legislation).

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