Friday, September 23, 2005

Vox Dei or Vox Duh?

Steve Trinward, one of my fellow editors at Rational Review News Digest, weighs in on his blog (which I didn't even know he had until now -- gotta blogroll it!), Living Liberty, on the Holy Roman Catholic Church versus homosexual priests.

Of course, I support the right of the Pope and the church to set whatever standards they want, until and unless they start breaking out the auto da fe accessories, but Steve does have a point ... how will they know who's a "celibate" homosexual and who isn't, and won't not knowing make them look something less than divinely wise when it comes to light, either because the "celibacy" is violated or just because the guy comes out and says "oh, by the way ...?"

And, given the Catholic notion that everyone is subject to temptation, how is this temptation any more disqualifying for the priesthood than other temptations? Is there some reason that a person with a constant desire to smoke crack (and who resists that desire) is qualified to administer the sacraments, while a person with a constant desire to fellate other men (and who resists that desire) isn't?

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