Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pure evil exposed!

I'm not exactly a regular on the St. Louis club scene (I get out to see a band a couple of times a year any more -- last time was for the Blue Dixie reunion; that's what getting old and having kids does for you), but even I know who Beatle Bob is. Beatle Bob is the St. Louis club scene. If you're out having a good time, look around and see that Beatle Bob is there, you know that you've picked the coolest possible place to be in St. Louis that night.

Everyone has a Beatle Bob story. Mine isn't anything cute or special -- about the second or third time I ran into him was at a Joe Jackson gig at Mississippi Nights. And what was he doing? Walking up and down the line outside the doors to see if anyone could use an extra pair of tickets he happened to have. I've seen him before, I've seen him again -- out and about, having a good time, people having a good time around him.

So: Who the #$%^ is Wade Alberty and what is his *%)!ing problem?

Thanks to Riverfront Times for getting out the story of this sicko, his co-conspirators, and their attempt to deprive St. Louis of one of its city treasures. Now I know where to look to figure out which bands, clubs and restaurants will never get another cover charge out of me. If Beatle Bob isn't welcome from the Landing to the Loop, the terrorists have won.

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