Sunday, September 04, 2005

More on Katrina relief

On Thursday, I asked Kn@ppster readers to support relief for those affected by Hurrican Katrina. This post is by way of:

a) Keeping the issue visible on the blog's front page as the first one rolls off; and

b) Mentioning another worthy way to help.

I initially suggested donating to Habitat for Humanity, and I still think they're a great charity. However, I had problems getting them to accept my (PayPal Virtual) credit card, so I guess I'll have to send them a check. In the meantime, Brad Spangler brings up a truly excellent group, Food Not Bombs. He offers to match the first ten $5 donations. I've kicked in $5. Will you?

If Food Not Bombs isn't your cup of tea, check out TTLB's list of charities which are helping with the relief effort.

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