Thursday, September 01, 2005

PSA: Make today Jeudi Gras for New Orleans

How bad is it in the areas hit by Katrina? Bad. Really bad. So bad that I don't see any need to belabor it, but here's the latest on New Orleans.

Hundreds, probably thousands, are dead. Hundreds of thousands are homeless, at least for the moment, and those clinging to their homes are, for the most part, without power, water or normal modern sanitation measures.

It's a real bitch, folks. Let's do something about it. The Truth Laid Bear has a list of blogs participating in this relief fundraiser if you'd like to read more detailed reports or a more optimistic assessment. They also have a list of charities which are helping out. Will you help them out? Next week, it might be you or me.

I'm about as broke as usual, but I'll find five or ten bucks to kick in one way or another. Match me -- and if you can do more, please make it happen. I favor Habitat for Humanity as a prospective recipient, but choose the one you feel best about. New Orleans has made Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday") part of our national heritage. Let's given them a Jeudi Gras (the fattest damn Thursday we can manage) today.

According to TTLB, I'm suppose to link to The Evil One's post on the subject (he's not being evil at the moment, so m'kay); the hat tip for getting me off on my ass to blog this goes to Bob James.

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