Thursday, May 12, 2005



Over the last week, several people -- writing/commenting on blogs and such -- have mentioned that they intend to buy The Black Arrow "when it becomes available." I just got a note from Rick Tompkins at Mountain Media pointing out that it's been available for about a month.

You can get it direct from Liberty Book Shop, Mountain Media's "in-house" store. They make a very persuasive case for doing so, and I hope you'll take that route. As a personal testimonial, I've never had anything but superb service, before and after the sale, from Liberty Book Shop, and Mountain Media has always been Johnny-on-the-Spot with review copies when I've requested them. Of the people in the freedom movement I've been privileged to work with, these guys -- Vin himself, Rick Tompkins, et al -- are way up high on the list for integrity, friendliness and just plain delivering the goods. I hope you'll patronize them.

If you just absolutely can't stand the idea that I won't get a miniscule commission on the sale, here's the Amazon link. Wait. No. It isn't there, is it? Why? See the above paragraph. I've already made my "commission" -- I had an opportunity to read the book early, and received a signed copy of it for that purpose. Financially, that's the equivalent of at least ten commissions. In other respects, it's worth a hell of a lot more. I'm more than willing to forego the sales commission. If it means that much to you, PayPal a buck to me at thomaslknapp at or something.

But ...

Buy the book.

Buy the book.

Buy the book, already. You'll be glad you did. I promise.

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