Saturday, May 14, 2005

Gotta love the win-win deal

I'm usually suspicious of these "consumer research panel" ads on the Internet. Half of them are just hooks to get you to buy something and of the other half ... well, the "rewards" are slow in coming. I'm usually suspicious ... but I'm usually willing to give them a try.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel is the first and only one so far to get my unqualified endorsement, for several reasons:

1) They actually send me real links to real surveys that aren't pitches/sales ploys. In other words, they are actually doing market research, not just reeling in the suckers.

2) Participation actually results in real rewards, and not on some "one of these days" timeline. Just a few minutes ago, I completed a reasonably short survey (15 minutes or so), and earned enough points on that survey alone to redeem for a gift certificate to a popular online store (they offer several such options, including cash). Lightspeed is the first program I've actually made it to redemption on, even though I've been registered with them for a relatively short time (less than a month, I think). Not every survey is worth enough points to get something, but you can accumulate them, too.

3) They have an affiliate program. If you click on my referral link, register and do at least one survey, I get 75 cents.

I know my readers. I know you have opinions. Lightspeed will pay you for sharing those opinions, and pay me for getting you to do so. Sounds good to me!

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