Thursday, May 05, 2005

CBC News: British voters head to the polls

British voters head to the polls today, and it's apparently a nail-biter.

Most polls indicate that Tony Blair will pull through for a third term -- something no Labour government has achieved before -- but many analysts think that the Labour majority in Parliament will be reduced or even erased. The damaging issue is, of course, the war on Iraq.

For some a couple of opposing blog takes on the election, check out Ken MacLeod's Early Days of a Better Nation and Freedom and Whisky. If you're in London, join Dr. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance -- among others -- for election night commentary from the bar of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Given my poor record as a predictor of elections, I should probably leave it at that, but heck ... I'll throw in: Blair will retain his seat in the Commons versus his 15 challengers (one has to be a member of Parliament in order to serve as PM), but Reg Keys, the father of a British soldier killed in Iraq, will rack up a very respectable total. Labour will maintain a slim majority overall.

Hopefully my predictive abilities will hit par for the course and Blair will go down in flames, though.

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