Wednesday, February 02, 2005

tex v. me ...

"We don't need a counternarrative," says tex at AntiWar.Com. "We've been right all along. We just get caught flat-footed everytime the warbots lie their asses off."

Well. Consider me told! And tex has a point. The reports of "don't vote don't eat" blackmail, among other things, are starting to come to the fore. We may well find out that the Iraqi election was just a meaningless shell game after all. I hope not, but I've long since given up on the idea that things are ever really what they seem when the War Party is involved.

I still think that Cavanaugh has a point, though. Politics is about telling stories. The Republican Surrealists are very good at telling stories, and the antiwar movement does need its own counternarrative. Remaining within the constraints of reality while the hawks feel free to brew up fairy tales makes it even harder to come up with one -- but who ever said being right would always be easy?

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