Sunday, February 20, 2005

BlogClips: An Open Source LP?

Interesting things going on over in Libertarian Party land. See Steve Gordon's Open Source LP proposal, and Stephen VanDyke's followup (no single link -- just check out VanDyke's blog, Hammer of Truth, as there are multiple entries on the whole idea and how it's progressing). If the two S's are involved, you know it's going to be good, and that they'll do their damnedest to roll right over any opposition. Those guys don't play softball, and the sports they do play, they play to win.

The sad part is that this kind of thing should have been on the agenda long ago, and that it shouldn't have had to wait for Gordon and VanDyke to pick up the ball. The LP is full of tech people. The LP was the first political party to put up a web site, for the love of Rothbard! These days, however, unless it's possible to spend $54K $80K $100K a bazillion dollars on a ten thousand dollar database system and still end up with an unworkable mess, the LP just ain't interested in them thar computer thingies. Over the last few years, the LP has lost one of the only edges it had on the "major" parties. And any chance at getting that edge back will have to be taken against the advice of, and without the aid of, LP insiders.

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