Friday, November 05, 2021

To The Movies? Perhaps Not Today

The big box office draw this weekend will presumably be Eternals, latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I'm not particularly excited by it, and wasn't even before the negative reviews (Peter Suderman's at Reason, based on actually seeing it, matches my own advance impression from trailers and so forth), but it was my likely pick (with Last Night in Soho as a possible alternate or second show).

BUT! Today's weather forecast calls for rain and a high of 62 degrees.

I don't mind riding the bicycle when the temperature is in the 50s or higher. Cooler than that is, well, cold when you're bopping down the road at 20mph or so with no windshield.

I also don't mind riding the bicycle when it's rainy but the temperature is, at a minimum, in the high 70s ... although getting to the movie theater wet is problematic because they keep those auditoriums pretty cool.

The combination of cool and wet has me strongly considering either sitting the day out where the big screen is concerned, or hitching a ride with my eldest if she's going into town, or waiting for the evening and seeing if I can get Tamara interested (which would probably mean my third big-screen viewing of No Time to Die rather than one of those others; I could live with that).

Sitting out is the only one of those three alternatives that's entirely up to me, so it's the most likely.

Anyway, here's the Eternals trailer for your enjoyment.

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