Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Something I Don't Recall Hearing Much Back in the Old Days

"What? You disagree with me? Who's paying you to do that? The Kochs? Soros? The Israelis?"

I mean, there's always been the question of where, say, a think tank's funding comes from and whether that affects its positions. And some less reality-moored anti-Zionists seem to assume that anyone not completely on board with all their more conspiratorial theories is a paid Israeli "hasbara" operative sent to turn their already self-turning cranks. 

But I'm talking about things like discussions between individuals on Facebook.

I actually had some guy last night theorizing that George Soros, or maybe the CIA, was paying me to disrupt discussions of anarcho-capitalism by disagreeing with him about labor unions in a discussion on a Libertarian Party Facebook group.

As if external interference would be required to disrupt a discussion on anarcho-capitalism, even if that had been what the discussion was about (it was about Democrats).

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