Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Ready Or Not" -- One Necessary Criminal Justice Reform

I can understand the granting of "continuances" -- that is, putting off trial dates -- in criminal cases when requested, on reasonable grounds, by the defense. After all, the defendant presumably didn't know he or she was going to be arrested and charged, and needs time to prepare for the trial.

The prosecution, however, should be entitled to a grand total of zero continuances. If they didn't have their case put together before they charged the defendant, they shouldn't have charged the defendant.

When a defendant gets charged, and there's a probable cause hearing in which a judge agrees that there's sufficient evidence for a trial, the clock should start ticking on the "speedy trial" requirement, and the prosecution should have no ability whatsoever to stop that clock. Ready or not, here it comes -- try the case, or dismiss the case.

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