Friday, October 09, 2020

In Which I Finally Pull the Trigger

Not on the new shotgun (that doesn't arrive until tomorrow), on one of the "major purchases" that I tend to agonize for weeks or months over:

Yesterday a combination of "Bitcoin Price" and "Amazon $50 off coupon" finally made up my mind for me.

It's a step-thru frame, and therefore theoretically a "women's" bike. I didn't find the deal (or the positive review percentage) I wanted on a men's bike of similar construction (it's a Nakto "Cargo" model), and I've never really understood why a "men's" bike should be defined by having a bar perfectly situated to crush one's nuts on a sudden stop.

The range, running on battery/motor alone, is supposed to be 22-28 miles -- 28-35 miles using "pedal assist" instead of motor only -- at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. This should be perfect for getting around town, and even out into the hinterlands for quite some distance.

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