Friday, July 17, 2020

Separation of Church and Walmart?

There's a word for believing something despite a dearth of evidence that what you believe is true.

That word is "religion."

And just to be clear, I'm fine with religion. I have religious beliefs myself, and I support the free exercise of religion.

If Walmart's directors decide to put a cross in front of every store and require me to kneel, genuflect, and say five Hail Marys before entering, I'll either kneel, genuflect, and say five Hail Marys before entering or not enter.

Ditto wearing a mask.

If Walmart's directors really, truly believe that masks magically ward off COVID-19 and care sooooooooo much about my health that they require me to wear a mask or not enter their stores, I'll wear a mask or not enter their stores.

But if they're doing so because that belief is part of an official state establishment of religion, that's a different matter. See Amendment One.

I don't support forcible separation of church and Walmart, but I do support separation of church and state.

Or, at the very least, treating Walmart as a tax exempt institution like other churches.

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