Monday, July 20, 2020

Kind of a Bizarre Claim ...

Melanie on last night's Free Talk Live muses that the federal abductions in Portland might be a way of collecting/debriefing plants and confidential informants, because:

If you're doing undercover work in a Black Bloc, you can't be like "I gotta go home and cook some spaghetti, I'll be back in three hours. Like, you can't just leave ... you can't be like oh, I got a doctor appointment."

In my limited experience with Black Bloc types, au contraire. They're a semi-spontaneous aggregation of people with similar motives, not a highly organized cult with every member required to account for every second of time. Most of them are upper class or upper middle class high school/college age kids who do in fact go to doctors, at least occasionally go home for meals with family even if they theoretically live in a communal flop with a bunch of roomies (although it's probably their mothers doing the actual cooking), etc.

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