Wednesday, June 05, 2019

OK, I'm Getting the Biking Bug Again ...

... and since nobody seems to racing to the ATM to charitably purchase an electric bicycle for me, it'll have to be manual labor I guess.

Dragged out my Critical Harper single-speed road bike yesterday to see what it needs to be road-worthy again. Best-case scenario: Nothing much.

It sat unattended (even after a tarp blew off it) for more than a year, but the tires have held air for more than 24 hours now. Good sign. Oiled the chain and took a spin down the street and back. No immediate problems that I can see.

I've ordered a cheap bike-mountable air pump (with gauge built in) and a cheap "all-in-one" bike tool kit (to replace the assorted tools that have become scattered for other uses since the last time I rode much). Don't know if I'll need new lights or if I've got something around the house. When it's all said and done, I may spend as much as $20 on that kind of stuff, but I'm guessing a little less.

Spare tubes are essential, and I expect new tires will be a near-future need (I've added both of those to my Amazon wish list in case someone who doesn't love me enough to spring for a $650 electric bike might love me a good deal less).

Now I just need to avoid blowing my knees out.

I think part of the problem is that when I start cycling, I kind of push myself, and within a month or two I'm riding 20+ miles per day five or six days a week. My plan this time is to ride for exercise a maximum of ten miles a day, not push it as hard, and only do more miles than that for "gotta be some place" purposes. But I expect to have to be some places :)

Old pic of the bike:

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