Thursday, June 13, 2019

Oh, Spare Us The Hypocrisy

In 2015, the Washington Free Beacon hired Fusion GPS, which in turn hired Christopher Steele, to tap foreign sources for opposition research material on several Republican candidates, including Donald Trump.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign hired Fusion GPS and Steele to tap foreign sources for opposition research material on Donald Trump.

Also in 2016, individuals associated with Donald Trump's campaign met with foreign sources for the purpose of tapping them for opposition research material on Hillary Clinton.

Now Trump admits that he'd do again what he did last time (something which, by the by, the Mueller report did not deem to have constituted anything illegal), and the same people whose only interest in the Steel Dossier back then was in whether the material in it was helpful to them, not in where it came from or even whether it was true, are publicly losing their damn minds.

CORRECTION, 06/14/19: The Washington Free Beacon did indeed hire Fusion GPS to do oppo research in 2015, but on further research, I find that the newspaper claims that Christopher Steele was not involved at that time, and that none of the material gathered on their behalf would have appeared in the "Steele Dossier." Sorry, I got that part wrong.

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