Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The other side of the Wright/Satoshi matter

Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He hasn't proven that claim. He tried to pass off an old Satoshi transaction signature as "proof" in 2016, but got caught.

That doesn't prove Wright isn't Satoshi. All it proves is that Wright hasn't proven he's Satoshi. Perhaps Satoshi lost his wallet keys, etc., and simply has no way of proving his identity.

If Wright is not Satoshi, and if Satoshi does still have control of his wallets, there's a way for Satoshi to prove that Wright isn't Satoshi without exposing Satoshi's true identity.

That way is this:

  1. Pick a time when Wright is in public, on camera, observable to the public, and visibly not using a phone or computer.
  2. Send BTC -- any amount will do -- from Satoshi's wallet to some other wallet during that time.
That wouldn't settle the question of who Satoshi is, but it would eliminate one suspect/claimant.

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