Sunday, April 14, 2019

As a Resident of a "Sanctuary County" ...

I fully support US president Donald Trump's proposal to send abducted migrants here.

I'd rather they weren't abducted in the first place and simply left unmolested in their right to travel where they damn well please.

But if not, sure, send them our way in Alachua County, Florida. By the truck load. By the plane load.  As many as you please, as many as possible.

Immigration benefits its destinations and the people living in those destinations. It boosts their economies and lowers their crime rates.

Let cities, counties, and states where the governments and  large segments of the people perpetually bellyache about "illegal immigration" while enjoying its benefits be relieved of those benefits, and see how they like it.

I'm guessing they'll respond the same way Chicago's politicians respond to the failures of their victim disarmament ("gun control") schemes.

They won't blame themselves for denying themselves the benefits (of gun rights or of immigration).

They'll blame the cities, counties, and states that accept the benefits for the problems that come with not accepting the benefits, rather than deigning to accept the benefits themselves.

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