Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Just Made My First Presidential Campaign Contribution for 2020 ...

... and it was to a Democrat. I don't think I've nominated to a partisan candidate who wasn't a Libertarian since prior to 1996.

Mike Gravel is trying to get 65,000 donations to qualify for participation in the Democratic Party's presidential nomination debates.

If you're a partisan Libertarian, you may remember that the former Senator sought our party's presidential nomination in 2008.

I did not support Gravel for the nomination (I was a Kubby and Ruwart guy), but I did like him (I got to spend some time with him in multi-campaign "how do we stop Barr" strategy sessions) and his campaign staff (at least one of whom, Christopher Thrasher, has been a valuable LP activist ever since).

And let's face it, Gravel was a better candidate, by at least a full order of magnitude, than the screw-job fakeatarians we chose for both slots on the ticket that year (Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root).

So I threw five bucks his way specifically to help him get into those debates, where he plans to pitch a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Any donation, any amount, will help him reach that goal (I think he's about a quarter of the way there). I hope you'll shake loose a couple of bucks for him, too.

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