Monday, March 19, 2018

Thanks to an Anonymous Supporter and a Commissioned Piece of Writing ...

... I've effectively got the trip to Columbus in May, for the Libertarian Party platform committee meeting, paid for.

As I wrote in a blog post yesterday, it pays to schedule creatively and shop for air fares.

Flying major commercial, I would have spent an absolute minimum of about $350 to land at the airport about 20 minutes before the meeting started (11am Sunday), and probably have had to leave a little before its set adjournment (2pm Monday) to clear security, etc. for the flight out.

Flying Allegiant and going Greyhound, I will be able to arrive in Columbus the day before the meeting, maybe have to leave a little before adjournment to catch my flight home, and pay my mother in Missouri a pre-Mother's-Day visit en route for about $300. And that visit to Mom actually makes the schedule easier since Allegiant doesn't fly everywhere every day.

I'm figuring another $100 for two hotel nights. Maybe not quite as much -- I've got two roommates lined up -- but that's what I'm budgeting.

That leaves $100 of my projected $500 budget for food and sundries. Of course, I would be eating anyway, but it will be a little more expensive on the road, and I figure I'll do a little drinking, too, something I don't indulge in much any more.

Not that I would turn down more support, mind you -- see the sidebar for options -- but it looks like this particular expense is covered. Thanks, anonymous supporter!

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