Monday, March 19, 2018

Huntin' for a Good RSS Reader -- Again! -- Blues

Dammit: "Digg Reader is shutting down on March 26, 2018."

I'm testing Inoreader (my old favorite before it got slow and I moved to Digg), NewsBlur, and the Slick RSS Chrome extension.

I used Slick today, and like it better than NewsBlur (for my purposes -- your mileage may vary).

Tomorrow I will see if Inoreader has solved whatever problems it had that drove me to go to Digg.

I remember not being a big fan of The Old Reader when I tried it back when, but I may give it another look as well.

Naturally, I hate paying for anything when there are so many "free" options out there, but I spend much of my work day hunting down stuff on the web and plugging feeds into an RSS reader is the best way I've found to do that. So I may fork over a little if I find the right app.

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