Sunday, March 18, 2018

Let's Call it What it is

From a WaPo piece on Saturday's shooting at a California mall:

The gunshots at the shopping center with open-air and indoor shopping space led to some chaos and a lockdown.

Jeffrey Simpson, 17, was shopping with his mother at a department store when an announcement came over the intercom about a threat outside the mall.

'I went to Nordstrom to get pants, and the next thing I know, the doors are being sealed,' Simpson told The Associated Press.

He said he and his mom were "a little shaken" but OK. They were in the store for more than an hour but shoppers were free to move around and employees were helping people stay comfortable and calm, Simpson said.

If it was me, I'd be feeling a lot more comfortable and calm after receiving the multiple settlement checks for false imprisonment, etc. Presumably those checks would be large enough for me not to really notice the deduction of the cost of the plate glass window and whatever I put through that window to get out of there very much.

"Lockdown" is just shorthand for "we're doing something to you that we'd go to jail for if we didn't persuade you to think of it as a 'lockdown.'"

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