Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Two Things That Are Related Even Though They May Not Seem Like It at First

Thing One:

I don't think anyone is likely to mistake me for a Hillary Clinton supporter. There's not much I agree with her on, most of the things I do agree with her own I suspect she's lying about agreeing with me on, and I think she's both unduly authoritarian and thoroughly corrupt.

However, my response to the latest "news" about Clinton -- that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee were among the persons/parties who paid a British former spook to compile the infamous "pee dossier" on then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump -- is a giant yawn.

Candidates and campaigns do opposition research. They do it on opponents (to dig up surprises), and the smart ones do it on themselves (to ensure that there are no surprises). If you're not doing oppo research, you're not running a very good campaign.

So I just don't see any "there" there to slam Clinton on.

Thing Two:

Based on a recent column concerning other aspects of Clinton's evil ways, I was contacted earlier today concerning a prospective interview (by a Very Prestigious Media Organization) to share my opinions on the "pee dossier" topic. I declined for two reasons.

The first reason, you see above. I just don't really have anything controversial to say about it.

The second reason is that, like many media organizations which may be Very Prestigious but don't have studios located conveniently near Gainesville, this one uses Skype to interview people who are Far Away. The web version of Skype sucks, and there's not a native Skype client for ChromeOS. Furthermore, all the machines I own that I might install Linux or Windoze on are circa a decade old or more (I've been ChromeOS all the way since 2012 and none of my non-Chrome computers back then were particularly new).

This is not the first time I've missed out on a chance to take my bloviations more highly public for lack of a decent Windows machine with a decent web cam. "Decent" not meaning especially high-powered, just enough to run Skype.

So, I've placed a webcam (first priority -- maybe web Skype has improved lately?) and an el cheapo Windows mini PC (second priority -- I'll keep trying other options if it doesn't show up) on my Amazon Wish List. If you'd like to possibly see me on TV or think that it's important that I do so, this is how to make it happen.

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